Summer Mix & Artwork

I started a mix series a few years ago as a creative outlet that allowed me to explore my interest in music.


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Don Shelford Forum Board

Center Ring Student Show: Gold
Co-Art Director: Justin Yang


Don Shelford is a Group CD at Droga5 who is most recently known for his work with MailChimp's campaign that featured nine standalone pieces of things that all kind of sounded like “MailChimp". This installation is an homage to that campaign riffing on the many things that sound like "Don".

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Logo Identity Animation

Center Ring Student Show: Gold



Wimbledon Print Campaign

Copywriter: Juliana Hardesty


Propoganda Posters

Center Ring Student Show: Bronze

Adidas and Parley have teamed up to create posters that imagine a dystopian future in which our future children are left to climb out of the rubble of today's waste.


Joystick Gamebar

Center Ring Student Show: Bronze
Copywriter: Paul Malloy




Interstellar: Frontiers Recut

Editing & design